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Link to Glenna Droscha Park  pictures and information.

Link to Columbia Creek Park pictures and information.

Park Regulations


Sec. 12-31. Area Designated

The following areas within the township are hereby designated as park and recreation areas:

1. Columbia Creek Park, Curtice Road, described as:

E 1/2 of W 1/2 of SE 1/4 of sec 7 exc beg @ SW cor thereof -E 400 feet -N 142 feet -W 400 feet -S 142 feet to POB. Also exc beg @ PT on EW 1/4 line -N89D 28 feet 34 inches W 1324.07 feet FM E 1/4 cor of sec 7 -S0D0 4 feet 10 inches E 1529.59 feet -N89D 28 feet 34 inches W 661.5 feet -N0D0 5 feet 23 inches W 1529.59 feet -S89D 28 feet 34 inches E 662.04 feet to POB. sec 7, T2NR2W, 15.48 A M/L.

Com at SW cor of E 1/2 of W 1/2 of SE 1/4 -E 400 feet -N 142 feet -W 400 feet -S 142 feet to beg. sec 7, T2NR2W, 1.3 A M/L.

2. Glenna Droscha Park, Aurelius Road, described as:

Beg at a point 165 feet E of SW cor sec 26 N 297 feet E 82.5 feet N 709.5 feet W 247.5 feet N 848.5 feet E 200 feet N 125 feet E 460 feet S 1320 feet W 330 feet S 660 feet W 165 feet to POB. sec 26, T2NR2W, 19.5 A.

(Ord. No. 18.01, § 1, 7-8-2003)

Sec. 12-32. Dates and Hours of Operation

Glenna Droscha Park shall be open for use by the public year around.

Columbia Creek Park shall be open for use by the public Memorial Day through Labor Day of each year between sunrise and sunset; provided, however, that such area shall remain open for camping activities with the consent of the Board of Trustees, and pursuant thereto a written authorization signed by the Supervisor or Clerk, setting forth the date that each camping activity is authorized, shall be in the possession of the campers.

(Ord. No. 18.01, § 2, 7-8-2003; Ord. 12-32, 2-14-2006)

State Law Reference: Trespass, MCL 750.552.

Sec. 12-33. Conduct on Park Property

(a) No person shall willfully disturb, destroy, deface, alter, change, or remove any part of any park facility, building, sign, structure, equipment, utility of any other property found in this article.

State Law Reference: Willful and malicious destruction of property, MCL 750.377a.

(b) No person shall cut, remove, dig, injure, pick, damage, deface or destroy any tree, flower, shrub or plant, whether alive or dead, from within the parks without written permission from the township board.

State Law Reference: Willful trespass by cutting or destroying property, MCL 750.552

(c) No person shall hunt, trap, bait, pursue, injure, kill or in any manner disturb any bird or animal on any land or waters without written permission from the township board.

(d) No person shall build a fire except in grills or fire rings provided for such purpose. Firewood may not be collected within the park area.

(e) Unauthorized possession of firearms, dangerous weapons or personal protection devices:  threats to use any weapons. The prohibition set forth in this section does not apply to law enforcement officers.

 (f) No person shall have in their possession or control any fireworks or explosives within the park area.

(g) No person shall have in their possession or be under the influence of any alcoholic beverage or marijuana, and who is either endangering the safety of any person or property, or who is acting in a manner that is causing a public disturbance. Unless authorized by law, no person shall be in possession of or under the influence of any controlled substance, as defined by michigan law (Ordinance, Article II, Section 11-34,a).

(h) No person shall engage in disorderly conduct as violent, abusive, loud, vulgar, obscene language or action which could tend to provoke an immediate breach of the peace.

State Law Reference: Disorderly conduct, MCL 750.167.

(i) No person shall make an immoral exhibition or indecent exposure of his or her person.

State Law Reference: Indecent exposure, MCL 750.335a.

(j) No person shall use or operate any radio receiving set, musical instrument, television or other machine or device that produces or reproduces sound in such a manner that it is audible in any direction at a distance in excess of 100 feet.

(k) No person shall obstruct, resist, hinder or oppose any police officer, sheriff's deputy or peace officer or employee of the Township in the discharge of his duties as such.

State Law Reference: Resisting or obstructing officer, MCL 750.479 a-c.

(Ord. No. 18.01, § 3, 7-8-2003; Ord. No. 12-33, 3-3-2011)

State Law Reference: ACT 328 of 1931, Michigan Penal Code, MCL 750.1 et seq.

Sec. 12-34. Motor Vehicles

(a) Reserved.

(b) All motor driven vehicles shall be operated on park roadways or parking lots only, and shall not be in any other area of the park wherein such use is not permitted.

(c) All motorized vehicles speed within the parks shall be limited to 15 miles per hour.

(Ord. No. 18.01, § 4, 7-8-2003; Ord. No. 12-34, 2-14-2006)

State Law Reference: Michigan vehicle code, MCL 257.627 and MCL 257.628

Sec. 12-35. Litter

(a) It shall be unlawful for any person knowingly, without the consent of the township board, to dump, deposit, place, throw or leave or cause or permit the dumping, depositing, placing, throwing, or leaving of litter on any public property except in receptacle specifically designed for such purpose.

(b) Only litter generated on site shall be left in the receptacles provided.

(c) In this article, the term "litter" shall mean all rubbish, refuse, waste material, garbage, offal, paper, glass, cans, bottles, trash, debris, or other forms and substance of every kind and description.

Ord. No. 18.01, § 5, 7-8-2003; Ord. 12-35, 2-14-06 State Law Reference: Littering, MCL 324.8901, (a), (i) and MCL 750.552a

Sec. 12-36. Animal Control

(a) Dogs or other pets shall be permitted within the park area except that dogs or other pets are not permitted in park buildings or shelters or in the waters of the parks or within 15 feet of the waterways. Guide or leader dogs for blind persons, hearing dogs for deaf or audibly impaired persons or service dogs for physically limited persons are permitted in all areas. Such dogs and other pets shall be kept on a leash not over six feet in length and kept under the immediate control of the responsible person, and shall not be allowed to disturb or annoy park visitors.

(b) The person who owns or is in charge of any animal shall immediately remove all droppings deposited by such animal by any sanitary method. The droppings shall be disposed of by the person owning or in charge of such animal on the property of the person owning or in charge of such animal. The owner of any guide, hearing or service dog is exempt from the requirements of this subsection.

(Ord. No. 18.01, § 6, 7-8-2003)

Sec. 12-37. Penalties

(a) Any person violating any provision in this article shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

(b) Any person violating the provisions of the Michigan vehicle code (MCL 257.1 et seq.) shall be subject to the fines and penalties set forth in that code.

(c) Persons violating any of the provisions enumerated in this article may also be evicted from such park or park land upon the day of the offense.

(d) As to any person convicted of the violation of the provisions of this article relating to prohibition of litter, the court, in lieu of any other sentence imposed, may direct the substitution of litter-gathering labor, including but not limited to the litter connected with the particular violation under supervision of such court. (Ord. No. 18.01, § 7, 7-8-2003)