Township Cemeteries

Fowler Cemetery (Gale Road)

Greenwood Cemetery (Aurelius Road)

North Aurelius Cemetery (Columbia Road)

Montgomery Plains Cemetery (Plains Road)

Cemetery Information

Aurelius Township

Cemetery Rates – October 2015

Charges per burial space:

            Resident                                                                               $300.00  (1/2 Cemetery /1/2 Perp. Care)

            Non-Resident                                                                        $600.00  (1/2-Cemetery/1/2-Perp. Care)

Grave Openings:

            November 15 to April 15                                                       

                        Check to Robert Baker                                              $700.00*

                        Check to Aurelius Township                                       $100.00

            April 16 to November 14

                        Check to Robert Baker                                              $600.00*

                        Check to Aurelius Township                                       $100.00

Cremation and Infant Grave Opening

            Check to Robert Baker                                               $200.00

            No additional check to Township

Aurelius Township Cemeteries:     Fowler – Gale Rd.

            Greenwood – Aurelius Rd.

                                                                        North Aurelius – Columbia Rd.

                                                                        Plains – Plains Rd.

*Grave Openings with 2 days notice $800.00

*Grave Openings with 1 day notice $900.00

Aurelius Township Office hours: Tuesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


            Charge:           $.80/sq in for the size of the base

            Contact:          Larry Silsby, 628-2093

Township Board

Supervisor:  Larry Silsby

Clerk:  Tracy Ayres            

Treasurer:  Debra Groh

Trustee:  Bryan Droscha

Trustee:  Gary Malcangi