Township Cemeteries

Fowler Cemetery (Gale Road)

Greenwood Cemetery (Aurelius Road)

North Aurelius Cemetery (Columbia Road)

Montgomery Plains Cemetery (Plains Road)


Aurelius Township Cemetery Regulations

Artificial flowers and decorations placed during the winter season should be removed by March 31st.  Decorations remaining after April 2nd, will be removed and disposed of by cemetery personnel.


Cemetery Information

Aurelius Township

Cemetery Rates


Charges per burial space:

Resident                           $300.00

Non-Resident                    $600.00

Grave Openings:             $800.00*

*Grave Openings with 2-day notice $900.00

*Grave Openings with 1-day notice $1,000.00

Cremation and Infant Grave Opening:  $200.00


$.80/square inch for the size of base

Contact: Sexton - 628-2093